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Weekend in Klaipėda: Top 10 Sights & Experiences

Klaipėda is the Lithuania's only seaside city, unique for its German history.

Whereas you are a cruise ship passenger on a day-long stop or a tourist taking a short detour from other parts of Lithuania, there will be enough ways to spend your time in Klaipėda.

Theater Square of Klaipėda Old TownLagoon enbankment at SmiltynėLiepų Street at Klaipėda New TownKlaipėda Old Town in 1880sThe swing bridge under operationKlaipėda (Memel) castle ruins during Sea FestivalKlaipėda University main campusBeach at Olando Kepurė

1. Explore the small Old Town: Theater square, Tiltų street, Danė river embankment. Sip a drink and eat dinner in its numerous calm restaurants.

2. Walk the Lagoon embankment and breakwater in Smiltynė with old romantic villas, a fisherman's farmstead, explorable 20th-century fishing vessels and nice views of the port. A short ferry ride will be necessary to get there.

3. Imbibe yourself with 19th-century German architecture in Liepų street of the New Town.

4. Visit the Lithuanian Sea Museum (Smiltynė) for sea animals, dolphin shows and information on Lithuanian shipping, all presented in a 19th-century German fortress.

5. Visit the museum of Lithuania Minor (Old Town), presenting the regional history and pre-WW2 diorama of Klaipėda.

6. Imagine the rich pre-WW2 city by printing out some old images and comparing them with what you see today. Much remains but some pretty buildings (such as the historic churches) unfortunately have been torn down by the Soviets.

7. Visit the small-but-modern museum in Castle ruins (Old Town) to be briefed on the city's history. If it's summer be sure to check if there are no events in the surrounding ex-industrial lands and docks.

8. Witness how the swing bridge (Old Town) is manually rotated by a couple of dockworkers and how yachts and small ships then pour from castle moat into the Danė river and vice-versa.

9. Check the Klaipėda University campus (New Town) located in a massive former barracks.

10. Sunbath at the surprising northern beaches of Klaipėda. You have a choice to either lie under a shade of WW2 military installation, at a constantly eroded Olando Kepurė cliff or within the traditional gender-segregated naturist sections (pre-dating Western naturism by far and considered uncivilized by the foreign diplomats of early 20th century).

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Map of the top 10 Klaipėda tourist sights. ©Augustinas Žemaitis.

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