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Culture of Lithuania: Introduction

The culture of Lithuania is standing on six pillars:

The ethnicity. The old Lithuanian nation was joined by multiple minorities over the centuries, and to many their ethnicity is the prime self-identification and the main source of cherished traditions.

The language. The archaic Lithuanian language may be what defines Lithuanian people. The minorities are equally protective of their languages however.

The religion. Predominantly Catholic for centuries Lithuania was always tolerant to other faiths, which provided many alternative traditions and old houses of worship to Lithuanian towns.

The holidays. From local to universal, from meaningful to forgotten, from straightforward to controversial: every week has festivities in Lithuania, each of them dating to a different historical period or group of people.

The architecture. Formed by ethnicities and religions, foreign influences and occupations, a multitude of architectural styles define the contemporary Lithuanian villages, towns and cites.

The arts, crafts and literature. Mostly created during periods that already seem exotic in a rapidly-changing Lithuania the art, crafts, and literature are still respected as something that best conveys the development of Lithuanian culture to the present-day people.

Furthermore, read about the massive Lithuanian diaspora that keeps the Lithuanian culture alive well beyond Lithuania.

Article written by Augustinas Žemaitis

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