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Going to and from Vilnius

Vilnius airport is the largest airport in Lithuania, offering both low-cost and ordinary airlines. The majority of direct flights are to Western Europe. A few routes to key ex-Soviet cities. The remaining destinations are mostly Southern European resorts (seasonal flights).

Vilnius airport is built within city limits and only 4 kilometers away from the old town. In fact, most Vilnius inhabitants live further from the city center than the Vilnius International Airport is located. As such, the airport is easily reachable by public buses and microbuses as well as a train. Unless there are traffic jams or you need to transfer at the train station it is better and cheaper to use buses.

Arrivals building at Vilnius airport

Vilnius train station and bus station are located next to each other in Naujamiestis borough. Buses travel from Vilnius to most of the cities and towns of Lithuania at least a couple times a day, with buses to main cities leaving over 10 times a day and every 15 minutes to Kaunas.

Trains are a quicker option on a route to Kaunas. On most other routes, however, they lag behind buses and are cheaper.

Many public bus routes of Vilnius start and/or end at the station square, therefore it is easy to reach any district from this place.

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