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Regions of Lithuania: Introduction

Regions of Lithuania. ©Augustinas Žemaitis. ©National Geographic.

Traditionally, Lithuania is divided in five ethnographic regions: Dzūkija, Samogitia, Aukštaitija, Sudovia and the Lithuania Minor. This is not reflected in the administrative division of the country despite many calls to create administrative units based on these lands.

Rather, the regions are based on differences in culture, history and the prevalent dialects of the Lithuanian language. They are used in this website to divide the many interesting sites. Click on the region’s category bellow the posts in order to see all the articles associated with that region. It is useful if you plan to visit only a certain part of Lithuania.

In the map above you may see the extent of different traditional regions. As the regions are more closely related to the Lithuanian ethnicity than the Lithuanian state, parts of them now fall outside the Republic.

The capital city Vilnius is technically a part of Dzūkija whereas Kaunas is divided between Aukštaitija and Sudovia. However due to their size and attracting people from many different areas these cities are usually not considered to be part of any traditional regions.

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