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Heritage search services and Facebook account

Given a large interest from people of Lithuanian origin, True Lithuania website begins offering investigative services on your heritage in Lithuania.

We help locate relatives and information on family history. We search for and read Lithuanian language sources, if necessary check the state and church archives and provide legal services in Lithuania. If interested, contact us by e-mail (tourbaltic@gmail.com).

P.S. 1,5 years after its launch True Lithuania website acquired its Facebook account. We invite you to Like/Follow us.

Article written by Augustinas Žemaitis

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  1. Hi looking for Vilius Maciulinas..may be a relative. Any information would be appreciated.

    • It is hard to say anything with just name+surname, but one question would be if the surname is surely correct. It could be correct (in which case it sounds Russian with Lithuanian ending), however it may also be Vilius Mačiliūnas (Lithuanian) – if this is the case, you can find one such person in Lithuania by Google search. I also contacted you by e-mail.

  2. Thank you I think I mispelled the name and you spelled it correctly..I will try a google search

  3. would appreciate any information on Antonas Burba Marijona Tolockiute

    • Those are two persons, likely “Antanas Burba” (male) and “Marijona Toločkaitė” (female), as I understand.

      If you are interested in an archive search, we may offer such service. However, more information would be needed to start, such as the locations and approximate dates when these people lived.

      • Burba and Talockiute were both born in Lithuania, Burba born around 1886, Talockiute born 1895. Looking for some information about them. Gthey are my maternal grandparents. Thanks

  4. Any Tauckus family members still living in Lithuania? My grandparents,Vincas and Antoinette Tauckus, emigrated to USA around 1909. My father was their first child born in the USA. Thanks, Robert Tauckus
    278 Johnny Cake Lane
    Greenville, N.Y 12083

  5. Buongiorno, sto facendo delle ricerche sull’origine della famiglia paterna. Il cognome è Burba, qui in Italia il paese dal quale tutti i Burba provengono è Oltris, una frazione di Ampezzo in provincia di Udine. Dalle memorie tramandate dai più anziani, qualcuno diceva che primi Burba arrivavano dalla Bulgaria, altri invece dalla Lituania. Vorrei sapere se il cognome Burba è comune nel vostro paese ed in quale regione. Grazie per l’aiuto che potrete darmi. Cari saluti

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