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Day Trips from Kaunas

Kaunas is the metropolis closest to the geographic center of Lithuania and if you anchor your trip here you may see some of the marvels of the region.

1.Rumšiškės open-air ethnographic museum. 23 km to the east (highway, non-express buses Kaunas-Vilnius stop 2 km from the entrance). It is well worth a visit to see authentic wooden buildings brought here from all over the country.
2.Castles of Panemunė. While the entire length of Panemunė road may be traversed en route from Kaunas to Klaipėda, it is possible to visit the main castles in Raudondvaris, Raudonė, and Panemunė as a day trip from Kaunas. They are 10 km, 60 km and 70 km away from the Kaunas center respectively. Nice towns such as Vilkija or Seredžius may also be visited en route.
3.Kėdainiai. 50 km to the northeast this town is among the few in Lithuania that has centuries-old brick buildings. It was once ruled by the mighty Radvila family and the glory may still be felt.
4.Birštonas (42 km south). This mineral spring resort in a Nemunas river bend is not Druskininkai, but it has its finer points with a former castle hill and a restaurant on high Nemunas coast.

Article written by Augustinas Žemaitis

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  1. I accidentaly found out You organise day trips from Kaunas to Pažaislis monastery. Could You please tell us if it is possible to also visit Rumšiškės in the same trip? How much time that should take?

  2. Good afternoon I will be visiting Kaunas from 27/03 to 31/03 and wondered if you organised day trips to raudonvaris castle and maybe kedainia town
    Also if could recommend and other places I should visit while in Kaunas
    Thank you for your advice and help
    Wendy burns

    • Good afternoon,

      Yes, we do offer such tours. In fact, we offer tailor-made tours by car to any locations.

      We will sned you our offer by e-mail for a particular tour to these two locations.

  3. Hi we are a family of 3 from India looking to a 1 day Tour of Kaunus old city. Is there a tour operator whom i can contact? Or do u reccomend we do it on our own. Please suggest. My number is 0447452343884 or email me on

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