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New local faiths in Lithuania (Merkinė Pyramid)

Most of the new religious ideas came from the foreign countries, however, there are a few local ones. The most famous is the New Age thought of Povilas Žėkas, the builder of triangular Merkinė Pyramid in Dzūkija National Park.

According to Žėkas, the pyramid was built after God's revelation who told Žėkas exact proportions of various metals needed for the material of such a holy building. Erected in 2002 the pyramid attracts a constant flow of people from Lithuania and abroad seeking to use its powers of healing and spiritual improvement. The pyramid complex is slowly expanded and has been covered by a glass dome in 2009 making it impressive to see even for non-believers (there are simply no comparable structures in any religion). The visitor instructions are present in English and include making several stops at three stylized wooden crosses en-route to the pyramid and then various rings inside the Pyramid itself with palms open to absorb the energy that is supposedly concentrated by the structure. The architecturally-interesting dome also houses wooden seats (all aimed at the center), three quotations, two asymmetrical metal crosses, a dispenser of energy-positive water. The pyramid may be accessed by taking a dirt side-road to Česukai while en-route from Vilnius to Druskininkai (beyond Merkinė).

Influenced by Christian and Eastern doctrines, Žėkas claims an upcoming Period of Changes which will include an extensive collapse of current economic, technological, property division and other systems and will lead to mass migration. These Changes will be induced by God because the people are not living the right way, but this won't be the End of the World. Pyramid of Merkinė will continue to hold special powers as a bastion of God and Holy Communion prepared at the pyramid will also be of extreme importance. This faith (and the Pyramid) is also called "Church of God the Father" because he claims that God is one of many, but all of them have a single Father. Another name is "Shrine of Hearts". As is the case with the Eastern European faiths it is common for believers in the healing powers of Merkinė pyramid to also follow other religions (or style themselves irreligious).

Dome-covered Merkinė pyramid and the mound that marks the location of the alleged revelation. The visitors are expected to stop at various places both before and after entering the pyramid eventually reaching its center. ©Augustinas Žemaitis.

Article written by Augustinas Žemaitis

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