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Maps of Lithuanian Regions

Lithuania has five traditional regions. Here we provide maps with best tourist sights in each of them.

Aukštaitija (northeastern Lithuania)

Tourist map of Aukštaitija, Lithuania.

More info on Aukštaitija
More info on Kaunas city

Samogitia (northwestern Lithuania)

Travel map of Samogitia (northwestern Lithuania).

More info on Samogitia

Dzūkija (southeastern Lithuania)

Travel map of Dzūkija (southeastern Lithuania), without the areas now in Belarus.

More info on Dzūkija
More info on Vilnius city

Lithuania Minor (southwestern Lithuania)

Travel map of Lithuania Minor (southwestern Lithuania), without the areas annexed by Russia in 1945.

More info on Lithuania Minor

Sudovia (southern Lithuania)

Travel map of Sudovia (southern Lithuania).

More info on Sudovia

Article written by Augustinas Žemaitis

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