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Lithuanian Song Festival concludes in Statehood Day

2014 07 06. Lithuanian Song Festival culminated today in the traditional "Day of the Songs". The evening concert was preceded by a traditional afternoon parade where many thousands of the Song Festival participants marched grouped by municipalities (and the diaspora was grouped by countries), attempting to showcase the unique traits of their land of origin.

~500 singers from Lithuanian diaspora marches by the Tauras Hill in Vilnius in the traditional massive parade, greeted by locals. The singers and dancers of Lithuanian municipalities had also marched this way. ©Augustinas Žemaitis.

Also, just like every Statehood day (July 6th) after the year 2009, the Lithuanian anthem was meant to be sung all over the world at 21:00 local time. In Vilnius Vingis park where Day of the Songs evening concert was taking place, some 50 000 people singing the National Anthem. Smaller groups did the same across Lithuania and the world.

The Day of the Songs concert with 12 000 participateding singers and four times as many spectators. Folk songs and patriotic songs traditionally dominated. ©Augustinas Žemaitis.

Article written by Augustinas Žemaitis

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