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Lithuania for different interests

Lithuania excels in some fields and if you have an interest there you'll have plenty to see.

*Sport Itinerary in Lithuania. 10 experiences of Lithuania for a sport lover.

*Natural Lithuania. 10 most beautiful natural locations in Lithuania.

*Military Lithuania. Top 10 military installations and sites in a country that "stood in a way" in nealy every major European and World War.

*Panoramas in Lithuania. 10 best vantage points to see Lithuanian cities and nature.

*Buildings in Lithuania. Top 10 architectural marvels.

*Parks in Lithuania. Top 10 parks.

*Places to see art in Lithuania. Top 10 museums and other public collections of various styles.

*Abandoned Lithuania. 10 interesting places to see the gone-by eras and ideologies.

*Destroyed Lithuania. 10 great buildings destroyed under the occupational regimes of 1940-1990.

*Tracing forefather's steps. If you are of Lithuanian heritage these 10 locations will help you learn how your forefathers lived and why they have left.

*Lithuania through the year. The ever-changing seasons of Lithuania.

*UNESCO sites in Lithuania. 10 sites and events of Lithuania inscribed into the UNESCO lists.

Article written by Augustinas Žemaitis

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