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Lifestyle in Lithuania: Introduction

Like in many countries, Lithuanians spend much of their free time eating, watching TV, reading and enjoying music. Most men also like to follow sports while women generally prefer fashion.

Despite the rapid advances of foreign cuisines in restaurants, Lithuanians still prefer their own Lithuanian cuisine at home. Most Lithuanian women and some men know how to prepare its key dishes well.

On average, Lithuanians spend 3,5 hours per day at a TV screen. This makes key actors and TV personalities to be household names. Lithuanians watch mostly local TV shows, mostly foreign movies (although Lithuanian cinema made a comeback) and both foreign and local TV series. Cinemas are less popular, but theater is glorified as a great art.

Literature is somewhat getting replaced by internet as a reading material. Also, much of the Lithuanian "classics" tends to have little appeal to youth as they were written in very different eras of turbulent Lithuanian history. However, this ability to convey the quickly-forgotten past makes Lithuanian literature a must-read in schools.

Music in Lithuania is divided into "pop", "alternative", "folk" and "classical" sections. The first three have popular Lithuanian bands and musicians, but English and Russian music are very popular as well.

Of all pastimes, sport is the one most local. Lithuanians love to watch how their own sportsmen defend their "national glory" - but tend to care little about foreign sportsmen even when they are much better. While sport is more popular among men, many women also follow the key events.

Lithuanian fashion trends largely imitates that of the West, although some women subcultures prefers a more glitzy style.

For Lithuanian cultural and societal norms, see the article "Society in Lithuania".

Article written by Augustinas Žemaitis

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