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True Lithuania specializes in Jewish tours of Lithuania, offering experienced guides who know all the Jewish sights in Lithuania and their histories, including synagogues, Jewish cemeteries, homes and statues of famous people and places of genocide.

All our Jewish tours are private and prices are listed "for the tour", that is additional people do not cost additionally.

Our main Jewish tours:
Vilnius Jewish tour
Kaunas Jewish tour

If you wish, Jewish tours may also be combined with the most famous non-Jewish sights of the same cities.

Article written by Augustinas Žemaitis

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  1. What about tours of Kelme?

    • We offer personalized Ancestry tours of any Lithuanian town.

      We can take a person from Vilnius or Kaunas with a car to that location. In that location, we show the places related to his/her heritage. So, if a person is of Jewish origins, we may show the synagogues, Jewish cemeteries and such, where his/her ancestors likely have prayed or were buried. We may even do an archive search in advance to see if more information could be discovered about the exact locations.

      The price is calculated based on duration and distance.

      We can offer such tours to Kelmė area as well.

      More information:

  2. When we are in Lithuania in mid-July, I would like to visit sites where my grandparents’ families originated and see if there are any gravestones with their families’ names in the cemetery. The towns are Grinkiskis, Pusalotas and Pasvalys

    • Indeed, we do offer such tailor-made ancestry tours to the particular locations one’s forefathers are from. We could show the synagogues where they survive (in Pušalotas, for example, a synagogue survives, although currently it is abandoned), etc.

      We will send you a quote by e-mail. The tour could start in Vilnius or Kaunas, depending on where you arrive to.

  3. We’re interested in assistance, driver and possible tour seeking information about our ancestors who came from Pasvalys. We will be in Lithuania on June 19, 2019. We will be staying in Riga. I look forward to your email response.

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