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Popular itineraries in Lithuania

Lithuania is a colorful country that may be enjoyed differently by various people. Here we offer thematic itineraries, each consisting of 10 best locations and/or activities in Lithuania related to a specific topic, need or interest.

Top 10 sights in Lithuania

1.Vilnius city, a vibrant capital with its extensive old town and countless baroque church spires.
2.The Curonian Spit, a 98 km long narrow Baltic Sea peninsula covered by sandy dunes and pine forests where fishermen huts and upscale hotels exist side-by-side.
3.Hill of Crosses, a unique-in-the-world place where millions of people erected millions of these Christian symbols.
4.Kaunas city, a boomtown in 1880s-1930s when it served firstly as major Russian fortress and then as the seat of Lithuania's government. Kaunas medieval district is more intact than that of Vilnius and the 19th-century military buildings still surround the city center, while the Baroque Pažaislis monastery crowns the suburbs.
5.Trakai town with its impressive island castle, many lakes and Karaim ethnic minority.
6.Rumšiškės open-air museum inspired by Stockholm's Skansen. Old wooden buildings have been moved here from all over Lithuania and the main ethnic holidays are celebrated the traditional way.
7.Plokštinė Soviet missile base, a unique opportunity to enter the shafts where nuclear missiles once waited to be launched.
8.Druskininkai 19th century mineral springs resort, revitalised by a large indoor alpine skiing arena and a water entertainment park. Grūtas park, where all the demolished Soviet statues ended up, is not far away.
9.Palanga seaside resort with its lively Basanavičiaus street. But the calmness is never far away in a large manor park, centered at a palace that now houses a major amber museum.
10.Visaginas town built by Soviets in 1980s for nuclear power plant workers - but the plant has since closed down. This somewhat eerie town is what Pripyat (near Chernobyl) would have looked if not for the disaster.

Map of Lithuanian ethnographic regions. Numbers mark the top 10 sights. See below for explanations.

See also additional specialized top 10s based on:
*Personal interests.
*Historical period.
*Special needs.
*Transportation used for travelling.

We also have weekend break ideas for Lithuanian cities.

Article written by Augustinas Žemaitis

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    • Here you may see the top sites listed and various other itineraries depending on your preferences. Those are available on this website. We may create you a personalized itinerary as a service, if you are interested,

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