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Historical Lithuania

See the heritage of your favorite epoch in Lithuania (click on the maps or links below).

*Medieval Lithuania. 10 sights to help you understand the might of what was the Europe's largest medieval state.

*Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth era. 10 best reminders of this both opulent and decadent era.

*Russian Imperial era. 10 best reminders of both the imperial persecutions and the 19th century industrial revolution that has changed the face of Lithuania.

*Interwar era. 10 sights reminding of the glory of interwar Lithuania.

*Soviet occupation era. 10 sights and activities to help you learn about the eastern side of the Iron Curtain and the tragedies it meant for Lithuania.

*Post-1990s independence era. 10 sights to help you understand the way Lithuania went in the recent couple of decades.

Article written by Augustinas Žemaitis

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